Spacemacs is a great editor if you’re a fan of Vim, but are also a little curious about Emacs. Below are some of my favourite Spacemacs features:


Some useful things to know include:

  • You can generally use option-j and option-k to move up and down selection lists
<space>ft      ;; File tree
<space>ff ;; Fuzzy file search
<space>sf ;; Search in a file or directory
<space>pp ;; Open up a project

Search and replace

Inside buffer

<space>se      ;; Edit all text matching the text under the cursor

Across files

;; First find some files with the search pattern with:
ctrl-c ctrl-e ;; Edit the list
;; ..make the changes..
ctrl-c ctrl-c ;; Commit the changes
;; or
ctrl-c ctrl-k ;; Cancel

Copy and paste

In addition to the standard Vim style yank and paste, Spacemacs also has a Kill Ring containing the most recent yank/deletes.

<space> ry     ;; Show the Helm Kill Ring